China 1GD498103 Drive shaft Inner CV Joint For VW BoraGolfJattaPassatPoloTiguan, For Audi cv joint damage

Design: A1 (8X1, 8XK), POLO (6R, 6C), Golfing VII Variant (BA5, BV5), CADDY III Box (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH), Golf V Variant (1K5), PASSAT (3A2, 35I), Golfing VI (5K1), BORA Variant (1J6), Golf III (1H1), Golfing VI Variant (AJ5), JETTA III (1K2), JETTA II (19E, 1G2, one hundred sixty five), BORA (1J2), PASSAT CC (357), Golfing V (1K1), promote worm equipment screw jacks for weighty duty transmission screw jack manufacturer TIGUAN (5N_), JETTA IV (162, 163), Golfing VII (5G1, BQ1, BE1, BE2), Golf I Cabriolet (one hundred fifty five)
Year: 2
Guarantee: 1 Calendar year
Auto Product: For VW Bora/Golf/Jatta/Passat/Polo/Tiguan
Item title: CV Joint Package (Interior ball joint)
OE Variety: 1GD498103
Car product: For VW Audi
Lubrication: with grease lubrication
Joint Type: CV Joint, Disc Joint
Dimensions: Matching with regular first vehicle
Incorporated: 1pc of CV joint and cv boot and cv joint grease and screws
Sample: Avaiable 7 days
MOQ: 300pcs twenty-30days
Software: Vehicles following sales provider
Packaging Particulars: Neutral packaging/Custom-made packaging
Port: ZheJiang port, China

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1GD498103 Inner Drive shaft CV Joint Disc Joint For VW Bora/Golfing/Jatta/Passat/Polo/Tiguan, For Audi

Item identifyCV Joint, Disc Joint(Interior ball joint)(Manual)
Brand name1GD498103
OE numberGM755
Vehicle ProductFor VW Bora/Golf/Jatta/Passat/Polo/Tiguan
For Audi
1 set including1pc of outer CV Joint1pc of cv joint grease
1pc of CV boot
Fitting situationTransmission Conclude
MeasurementStandard, matching with the first motor vehicle
SoftwareSuitable for cars right after product sales support
Resolve the issue:

  • Very poor comfort and ease
  • Over bend tilt
  • Abnomal sound
  • Driving jitter
  • Oil Leaking
  • Characteristics:
  • Matching with the dimensions of the original car.
  • Boost subversion and eradicate sound.
  • Safe,Fastened,Steady,Resilient,Good quality assurance.
  • Proprietary engineering procedures guarantee that all meet up with O.E. form, suit and perform.
  • Large-top quality grease withstands high-temperature and strain extremes.
  • Splines are chased to make sure appropriate fit of the axle into the mating hub and transmission, eliminating installation hassles.
  • Internal CV joint
  • Interior CV Joint Tripod BearingIt uses 3 rolling bearings that slide in the 3 tracks of bell cosing, as a result adapting to the adjust in size of the generate shaft even though driving.
  • CV joint dust bootDust boot manufactured of resin or neoprene rubber characteristics higher tensile energy, oi and corrosion resistance, which make certain no getting older and crack even form -60℃ to 200℃.
  • Robust resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, even more than a extensive temperature range from -253℃ to 500℃.
  • AdvantagesHigh precision
    1. Size of the oil seal of the outer ball cage is matching the authentic vehicle’s ball cage oil seal files.
    2. Stardard Inner and exterior splines and thread size straightforward to put in.
    3. Stardard inner circlip of the internal spline. The stardard width of the circlip can make the movement of the ball cage on the 50 percent shaft following loading generally.
    4. The internal spline rotation is flexible.
    5. Very good quiality components and beautiful heat therapy overall performance make certain the solution quality.
    6. Excellent welding:uniform, common thickness,sureface without having crease and very good linearity.
    Packaging & Shipping
    1 set like1pc of inner CV Joint
    2pcs of cv boot clamp 1pc of cv joint grease
    Bundle1pc/box1. Neutral packing, 24v 200w Wheelchair motor with electromagnetic brake and handle or SPADD Model box 2. In accordance to customer’s necessity.
    SampleAvaiableDelivery time 7daysShipped by Convey to your doorway( freight is billed).
    MOQ (Bulk get)MOQ: 100PCSDelivery time: 20-30daysShipped by sea or air to your closest port from ZheJiang , China.

    PaymentTT, Trade Assurance on alibaba, PayPal, Western Union
    OEM and ODMPackage, Model Brand
    Manufacturter and tradeA single-Stop Souring, Above 25 several years Expert Car Accessories Supplier
    Rapidly reply and on timeWithin 24 several hours.

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    Symptoms of a Bad CV Joint

    Symptoms of a bad CV joint are noise, vibrations and wear and tear. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may need to have your CV joint checked out by a professional.

    Wear and tear

    cv joint
    Having a car with worn and brittle CV joints can be dangerous. A CV joint is an important part of your vehicle because it keeps the wheels turning smoothly. If you experience CV joint failure, you may be stranded on the side of the road, or you may have to call a towing service. You may also find it difficult to accelerate, brake, or steer your car.
    While there is not a fixed schedule for wear and tear on CV joints, you can expect them to last between 70,000 and 130,000 miles. They may also wear out at a higher rate in older vehicles.
    Typically, there are four CV joints on a vehicle. These joints are located on the drive axles and allow for the vehicle’s suspension to turn while accelerating. When a CV joint is damaged, it may break, shear, or fall off. If the CV joint is worn out, it may make a clicking sound as it turns or accelerates.
    A worn CV joint may also leak grease. The lubrication on the joint is important, and a leak will cause it to wear out faster.
    In addition, the CV joint may be damaged due to unlubricated metal to metal contact. This will wear the joint down faster and can cause the CV joint to fail completely.
    If you find that your CV joint is in need of repair, you should start by locating the boot under your vehicle. If you can’t find the boot, you may have to replace the entire CV joint assembly. This will cost between $400 and $800.
    If you don’t have the money to replace the CV joint, you can sell your car as is. This will make it cheaper than a market average, but you may lose some of its value. The repair will also involve tools. You may have to check the warranty of your aftermarket parts.
    Besides the CV joint, there are other important parts of your vehicle that may wear out and fail. You should have these parts checked and repaired as soon as possible. This can help you avoid an accident or unwanted repairs.


    Usually, a CV joint will make a clicking or popping noise when you turn, accelerate, or brake. You may hear this noise if your car has a worn out CV joint. If you’re having trouble with this type of problem, you’ll want to fix it before it causes serious safety problems.
    A CV joint is one of the most important components of your vehicle’s suspension system. Its main function is to provide a smooth ride. In order to do this, the joint has a flexible rubber outer shell that protects the inner parts of the CV joint from wear. This helps keep the grease that holds the metal parts together from leaking. The joints also need oil to operate smoothly. If there isn’t enough grease, the metal parts will wear out.
    If you’re having trouble with a clicking or popping noise, you should get your CV joint checked out. This is because a bad joint will eventually cause your whole system to malfunction. In order to save yourself from a total loss, you should be able to identify the problem before it’s too late. You’ll also want to get your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic, because they will be able to determine whether or not your problem is related to a worn out CV joint or to something more serious.
    A CV joint can also make weird clicking or popping noises when you accelerate, turn, or brake. The best way to determine if your CV joint has a problem is to turn your steering wheel fully, then drive in reverse. If you hear a clunking or clicking noise, you know that the joint is either worn out or faulty.
    You can also test the CV joint to see if it has a problem by turning your steering wheel in reverse in a circle. If the noise gets louder when you step on the gas, the joint is probably worn out or faulty.
    CV joints are a relatively expensive part of your vehicle, so it’s important to detect problems early on. This will help you save money on repairs in the long run.


    cv joint
    Having excessive vibrations from your CV joint can affect your driving. It may also lead to suspension and steering problems. These vibrations can also increase your chances of an accident.
    CV joints are found at the ends of drive axles. They work in tandem with the transmission and final drive to transfer power. These joints help to smooth out the power flow and allow for sharper angles. CV joints have two components: the outer joint and the inner joint.
    A worn outer CV joint can cause a clicking noise while turning. A damaged inner CV joint may produce vibrations during acceleration. If you’re having problems with your wheels, you may need to replace your CV joints.
    The inner CV joint travels along a worn track in the “tulip” portion of the joint. When the wheel hits a bump or dip, the joint moves in and out of this tulip section. It is important to know that CV joints are not inured to metal parts. If they become contaminated with dirt and water, they will not last long. If you find that your CV joint has a gritty grease, you may have damaged it.
    There are two ways to determine if you need a new CV joint. The first is to measure the angle of the joint. If the angle is not right, you’ll experience vibrations. These vibrations are usually worse on acceleration and coasting.
    In order to replace a CV joint, you’ll need to take the vehicle to a mechanic. This can be frustrating if the joint has only recently started to wear. If the joint is already badly worn, you may not be able to pinpoint the problem.
    In addition to the angle of the joint, you may have a bent wheel or a suspension problem. You can also have a problem with your tires. Out-of-round tires can create harmonic vibrations. If your tires are not properly balanced, you’ll have a hard time steering.
    If you’re experiencing vibrations at constant speeds, you’ll probably need to replace your CV joint. These joints work to transfer power to the wheels. If they are not lubricated correctly, they can fail and cause abnormal vibrations.

    Symptoms of a bad CV joint

    cv joint
    Symptoms of a bad CV joint can be easy to spot if you know what to look for. If your vehicle is making strange noises or vibrating excessively, there may be a problem with the CV joint. You should pay attention to these symptoms and have them checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible. If you ignore the symptoms, your vehicle could become damaged.
    Bad CV joints can be dangerous. They can make your vehicle bounce or jump, which can lead to accidents. If you’re not sure whether or not your CV joint is damaged, it’s best to take your vehicle to a mechanic for inspection.
    If you notice a clunking sound when you’re accelerating, this could be an indication of a bad CV joint. If you’re unable to detect the clunking sound, try shifting into reverse and listen for it.
    If you hear a clunking sound when you’re turning, this could be a problem with the inner or outer CV joint. The inner CV joint is the part that connects the CV axle to the transmission. If the inner joint is damaged, you may experience transmission slippage, or the steering wheel may jerk when you turn.
    There are many reasons why you might be experiencing these symptoms. The most common reason is that your CV joint is losing lubrication. Eventually, your CV joint will become loose and begin to vibrate. This will make it impossible to drive your vehicle in a safe manner. You should also keep an eye out for grease leaks. This grease may be on the inside of your tire, or it may be covering other parts of the system.
    If you’re unable to detect the symptoms of a bad CV joint, you might be at risk of having a serious accident. It’s best to know what to look for before it’s too late. If you notice a clunking or knocking noise, it’s important to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.
    If you hear a clicking sound when turning, it could be an indication that you have a bad CV joint. You can listen for it by turning your steering wheel to the left or right. Typically, this is heard when turning in a sharp turn at low speeds.
    China 1GD498103 Drive shaft Inner CV Joint For VW BoraGolfJattaPassatPoloTiguan, For Audi     cv joint damageChina 1GD498103 Drive shaft Inner CV Joint For VW BoraGolfJattaPassatPoloTiguan, For Audi     cv joint damage
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